Sunday, 14 October 2012

Indian Delicacy-Pineapple chutney/Pickle

Pineapple Chutney/Pickle

 Pineapple Chutney/Pickle

Ingredients:Ripe Pineapple- 1 ( medium size), Sugar - 300 grams, Lemon juice -1 tsp, Raisins- 20 gram, Red chili powder- 1 tsp Red Cherry -4-5 ( sliced)Salt - 1 and 1/2 tsp/ to taste.
Black cumin seed - 1tsp,Red chili- 1( roasted & grounded)

Process : Grate the pineapple & boil it with salt. Add sugar & stir occasionally .Add red chili flakes, raisins  cherry & lemon jiuce. Sprinkle Black cumin seeds & roasted & grounded chili before serving.

To serve:Have it with Paratha/ Bread/ Peas Polao.

Indian Delicacy- Baked Hilsa in banana leaf ( Elish paturi)

Baked Hilsa in Banana leaf/ Ilish Paturi

 Baked Hilsa in banana leaf / Elish paturi

Ingredients : Hilsa Fish – 1 Kg (dressed)White mustard- ¼ cup(paste), Mustard oil- 500 gms, Green chili- 10, curd – 50 gms, Salt to taste. Sugar – 1 spoon, Banana leaf- 10 , Cotton thread- 60 inch.

Process: Wash the fish in running water & remove eggs if any. Boil the banana leaves for 2-3 mins to make it tender & keep aside. In a bowl mix mustard paste, chili paste, sugar, salt. Curd & mix it with the raw fish. Marinate the same for 1 hour. Now wrap the marinated fish with the banana leaves & you may tie the same with cotton thread to ensue there isn’t any  gap for oil leakage. Deep fry the fishes  in oil & serve hot.

To serve : With steamed rice.

Indian Delicacy- Cauliflower Roast (Gobi Roast)

Cauliflower Roast/ Gobi Roast

Cauliflower Roast  (Gobi Roast)

Cauliflower- 4 ( medium size) Ginger – 4 inch(paste) Red chili powder- 1 spoon. Tomato – 2 ( sliced) ,Poppy seeds – 1 tsp(paste), Sugar- 1 tsp,Jeera- 1 tsp, Cooking oil- 100 grams, Salt to taste.

Process : Cut each cauliflower into 6 pcs & fry well now add ginger paste & jeera & fry well for 5-6 mins.
Add tomatoes  & chili, salt & 2 cups of water. Mix poppy seed paste & cover it . Boil the cauliflower till done.
To serve: Steamed rice/ Bread.

Indian Delicacy- Spicy Arvi( Kochu subji)

Spicy Arvi / Kochu subji

 Spicy Arvi( Kochu subji)

Ingredients: Arvi ( root)/Kochu-500 grams, Potato- 200 gms, Ajwain- 2tbsp, Red chili flakes- 2 tbsp,Turmeric- 1tsp, Green chili slices – 2 Salt – to taste, Sugar – 1 tsp, Lentil ( Chana dal)- 2 tbsp, Curry leaves- 10 ,Black mustard seeds – 1 tbsp.Cooking oil- 100 grams.Lemon juice – 1 tsp.

Process : Blanch the skin of Arvi & potato after boiling & cut it into 2 halves.   Heat 100 grams of oil in a pan sprinkle some mustard seeds, green chili slices,Ajwain , Chana Dal & fry in a low fire for 3-4 mins. Add  arvi, potatoes , turmeric & stir well. Add ref chili flakes, curry leaves, lemon juice, salt & sugar. Fry more to make it dry.

To serve with : Bread/ Roti and salad.

Indian Delicacy- Bhetki Cashew curry

Bhetki Cashew Curry

  Bhetki Cashew  curry

Ingredients: Bhetki Fillet-1 Kg, Hung curd- 100 gms, Onion- 100 gms,Garlic -10 pods, Tomato puree -100 ml,Ginger – 2 inch( paste )Poppy seeds/ Posto- 1tbsp(paste), Cashew paste – 2tbsp, Sweet Attar( biryani  essence)- 4 drops, Sugar – 2tbs, Butter- 100 gram, Corn flour – 50 gram, Flour -50 grams, Egg- 1, Green chili- 10.Lemon- 2
Process : Cut bhetki  into 2inch/2inch pcs to make approx 30-32 pcs. Marinate the same with lemon juice & salt for 15 mins. Discard the water & keep the fishes aside. In a bowl add cornflour, flour ,egg & mix well to prepare a batter.    Heat 20 gms butter  in a non stick pan & dip the fishes into batter  one by one & fry till golden brown. Keep the fried fishes aside.            Gravy:  Heat the remaining butter in a pan , Add onion, garlic ginger to the same & fry well. Add tomato puree , hung curd & mix well, gradually add Poppy seed paste & cashew paste to the curry.Add a cup of water & let it boil for sometime.Add sugar & essence & let it mix well for 2-3 mins.

Arrange the fried fishes in a serving bowl & spread the  gravy from the top.
To serve with :Bread/ Roti with cucumber & onion salad.

Indian Delicacy- Coconut Sweet Pancake (Patisapta)

Coconut Sweet Pancake ( Patisapta)

Coconut  Sweet Pancake (Patisapta)

Ingredients: Aromatic Basmati  Rice – 5oo grams,Semolina/ Suji-50 grams,Grated coconut- 2 cups, Sugar- 2 cups, Milk powder( with water )/ Condensed milk- 1 cup, Ghee/Cooking oil - 100 grams.Baking powder – 1 tsp. Jaggery (Panela or Gur)- 100 grams

Process : Put the uncooked  rice , Semolina in a bender to make a powder . Add Baking powder & water to prepare a batter.
 Filling: Pour ghee in a pan add coconut, condensed milk & sugar & cook for sometime  ,Keep aside once the color changes to brown.

In a non stick pan pour some ghee & heart well. Now add the batter & spread to give a round shape.Fry the other side also. Put the filling in the middle & make like a roll.

To serve with : Decorate  with almonds , cherriesJ aggery (Panela or Gur)- running consistency….A festive occasion delight.

Indian Delicacy- Ripe Pumpkin Chickpeas stir fry ( Kumro Choka)

Ripe Pumpkin Chickpeas stir fry

Ripe Pumpkin Chickpeas stir fry ( Kumro Choka)

Ingredients: Ripe Pimpkin -500 grams (cut into 1 inch pcs)Potato- 3 ( medium sized) boiled, de skinned ,cut into 8 pcs each, Green chili- 2 pcs, Red chili- 2 pcs ( cut into small pcs). Indian 5 Herbs/ 5 Phoron ( Black cumin seeds-1 tbs, Black mustard seeds-1 tbs, Ajwain-1 tbs, Fenugreek-1 tbs, Anne seeds-1tbs)Ghee/White oil- 150 grams, Bay leaf – 4,Cinamom- 1 inch, Green cardamom- 4, Sugar – 1 tsp,Salt to taste-1 tbsp,Chick Peas -100grams ( boiled)
Garnishing :Grated coconut -100 grams. Chili flakes-1tsp,black cumin seeds-1 tsp , corriender seeds-1 corriender leaves- 3-4 tbs.

Process : Heat approx 100 grams cooking oil/ghee  in a wide non- stick pan. Sprinkle Indian 5 Herbs/ 5 Phoron & fry it in a low fire for 2 mins.Now add the potatoes , alt & stir fry for 8-10 mins till light brown. Add the pumpkind pcs, chick peas, bay leaf, cinamon, cardamom & fry more.Add sugar & the remaining 50 grams of oil & cook covered tiil the pumpkin is done.
Garnish with roasted & Chili flakes,black cumin seeds, corriender seeds & grated coconut   & green corriender leaves.
To serve  with : Bread/ Roti.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Indian Delicacy- Low Calorie-Spicy Cottage cheese pancake

Spicy Cottage Cheese Cabbage wrap

Spicy Cottage cheese pancake

Cabbage wrap

Ingredients: Cottage Cheese/Paneer- 250 grams, Milk Powder/ Milk Khoya-100 grams, Grated coconut- 100 grams, Green chili paste- 2tbsp, Ginger paste- 3 tbs, White mustatd paste- 4 tbsp,
Cuminseeds- 1tsp, Redchili- 2 ( flakes) Salt – to taste/1tsp, Sugar-1and ½ tsp,Cooking oil-3 tbs, Cabbage leaves- 5-6 .
Process : Knead cottage cheese, Milk powder, grated coconut, ginger paste, chili paste, mustard paste & keep the dough aside.
Heat oil in a non- stick pan.Sprinkle cumin seeds& add the dough & fry till it becomes semi-soft dry dough. Divide the  cottage cheese dough into 6 balls.
Take a cabbage leaf & brush a layer of oil, now keep a ball of cottage cheese dough & press to cover the cabbage leaf area.Cover the dough with another cabbage leaf like a sandwich.  Steam it for 5 mins/ put in  a microwave  for 3 mins, till it becomes semi hard cake like solid.You can prepare the same in wraps/ roll form.

To serve with :Spicy Peas Rice , cucumber, tomato & onion salad.

Indian Delicacy-Spicy Peas Rice ( Peas Polao)

Spicy Peas Rice Polao

Spicy Peas  Rice ( Peas Polao)

Ingredients : Basmati Rice- 250 Grams. Ghee/ white Oil-100 grams,Green chili- 3 ( sliced)Sugar- 1tbsp,Salt- 1and ½ tbsp,Green peas- 100 grams, Cinamom-  2 inch( cut into small pcs)Green cardamom- 6,Cloves- 4 ,Nutmeg – 1 Gms, Bay leaf- 4 , fried cashew/Kaju-10 pcs, Raisins- 12 -15 pcs.

Process  :Measure rice in a bowl, Pour water into the bowl  of rice & soak it for half an hour. Drain the water & keep the soaked rice.
Pour oil in a wok. Add cinnamon,cardamom,cloves, green chili, bay leaves , green peas & cook it in low fire.Add soaked rice with the same & fry it for 5 mins .Add water with measurement of double the quantity of rice. Now add sugar & salt & stir it for another 2-3 mins.  Shift  the same to a pressure cooker add nutmeg & simmer the same for 5 mins. / till done.

To serve with: Cottage cheese/Paneer in creamy white sauce,  green salad.

Indian Delicacy- Cottage cheese/Paneer in creamy white sauce ( Paneer La- jawab)

Cottage cheese in creamy white sauce

Cottage cheese/Paneer in creamy white sauce( Paneer La- jawab)

Ingredients: Cottage cheese/Paneer-250 grams( cut into 1and ½ inch square)Cormflour- 2 tbs, Cardamom- 2 Big ( crushed),Bay leaf- 4, Green chili- 4 (paste)Curd- 100 grams, Cashew /Kaju nuts- 50 grams(paste), Sugar- 2 tbs, Salt- 1 tsp/to taste,Cooking Oil- 100 grams, Raisins- 10-12.

Process :Take the sliced paneer, roll it over the cornflour & fry lightly in low fire.Keep aside.
Heat oil in a non- stickpan, add grated brown cardamom paste,chili paste, bayleaf, lightly fried paneer,salt. Cook it in  low fire slowly.Now add kaju paste ,sugar & simmer for 2 mins. Now add the curd & cover the cooking pan.

To serve with : Bread/ Roti/  Peas Polao ( Spicy Peas rice)

Indian Delicacy-Prawn curry in Coconut milk/cream

Prawn curry in coconut milk/cream

Prawn curry in Coconut milk/cream

Ingredients: Prawns -8-10 ( dressed) ,Corriender seeds- 2 tbs, Cumin seeds- 2 tbs, Water - 10 ounces,Ginger - 1 inch ( finely chopped)Garlic - 4 cloves, Paprika - 1tbsp, Salt - 1 tsp/ to taste, coconut milk- 40 ounces, Tamarind paste - 1tbsp,Green chili- 2-3, Cooking oils- 10 tbsp,

Process: Heat oil in pan & fry the prawns.Add all the above mentioned ingredients & mix well except coconut milk.Once done add the coconut milk. Boil it for 2 mins & transfer the same to a serving bowl.

To serve : Serve with fresh tomatoes & cucumber. Can be taken with Steamed rice/ Bread.

Indian Delicacy- Egg Coconut sweet treat

Egg Coconut Sweet Treat

Egg Coconut -Sweet treat

Ingredients: Egg- 6, Sugar -200 grams, Ghee- 100 grams, Coconut powder - 8 tbsp, Vanilla /Rose waster essence- 1tsp. Dry Fruits- Optional , Cottage cheese(paneer) - 100 grams

Process: Pour ghee in a pan , add coconut powder ,paneer  sugar & stir well . Break & add the eggs & stir accordingly. Once all the ingredients are mixed well add rose essence / vanilla essence.
Transfer the same to a bowl & wait till it cools down & sets . Give a round shape, roll it on fry coconut  & decorate with dry fruits.

To serve- Can be taken anytime / after mail meals.

Indian Delicacy- Crunchy Pomfret Fish ( dry)

Crunchy Pomfrets

 Crunchy Pomfrets

Ingredients: Pomfret Fish( Medium size) 6, Capsicum- 2 ( chopped as 1  inch cubes) Onion- 2,( chopped as 1 inch cubes) Vinegar- 4tbsp, Soya sauce- 2tbsp, Salt – to taste, Chili- 4 ( sliced) Tomato Sauce-2 tbsp, Chili Sauce – 1tbsp, Cooking oil- 6 tbsp,Potato- 12 ( small round boiled)Cucumber -1 Tomato-1

Marinate-Cut the pomfet fish to  take out the bones, Marinate with vinegar, soya sauce for ½ an hour.

Process: Heat oil in a non- stick pan. Add onions & capsicum, chili & sugar to fry well for approx 4 mins until the same becomes crispy. Remove the same from fire.Now add the marinated pomfret & cook for 7-8 mins or till done. Remove excess oil if any.
In a serving bowl place the fishes along with crispy fried onion & capsicums. Pour the tomato & chili sauce from the top.

Garnish : To serve with cucumber, fresh tomatoes & boiled potatoes

Indian Delicacy-Gilebi ( Gram Flour in sugar syrup)



Ingredients: Flour -1 ½ cup . Kesar – ½ tsp, Sodium bi carb- 1tsp, Water, Sugar – 2 and ½ cup water 1.25 cups. Ghee- 100 grams.

Process: Mix Flour, kesar, Sodium bi card , water & keep aside for 2 hours in a cool dark place for fermentation. Heat ghee in a pan, but the fermented batter in the squeezer & make pan like gibeli in medium heat. Both sides to be fried till golden brown.
Syrup: In water boil sugar for 5 mins.  Keep aside. Once the jilebi is fried dip the same into the hot syrup immediately. Keep for a minute or so & transfer the hot gilebi to a dry bowl.

To serve: Anytime…goes well with vanilla ice-cream also.

Indian Delicacy - Soya Granules Payesh ( Soya Rice & Milk Dessert)

Soya Granules Payesh/ Dessert

Soya Granules Payesh ( Soya granules  Rice & Milk Dessert)

Ingredients- Milk 750 ml, Soya granules- 50 grams ( boiled) Cornflour- 1and ½ tsp, Cardamom-2-3, Sugar- 3 tbsp, Ghee/ White butter- 3 tbsp, Raisins-8-10 pcs,, Almonds- 8-10 pcs, Cashew -8-10 pcs. Vanilla / Rose essence 1 tbsp -  – as per preference

Process : Boil milk in a pan, Add Cardamom powder , Sugar & boil it.  Pour ghee in a pan & lightly fry cashew, almonds,raisins & soya granules.Once done add the boiled milk to the same . Add the cornflour & boil it for 2 mins. Add sugar to taste if reqd.  Mix the essence & add the essence as required.

To serve : After lunch/ dinner as a dessert.( Can be taken either hot/ cold )

Indian Delicacy- Fenugreek Chops ( Methi Pakora)

Fenugreek/Methi  Chops

Fenugreek Chops ( Methi Pakora)

Ingredients: Fenugreek leaves-250 grams ( dry roasted in a pan ),Gram flour- ½ cup, Semolina- ½ cup, Flour- ½ cup,Red chilipowder- 1 spoon, Hung curd- 100 grams , Salt – to taste. Bread- 3 slices, Cooking oil- ½ cup ( for frying)

Process :Mix gram flour, Semolina,Flour & dry roast all the ingredients in a pan. Add red chili , salt & hung curd  & middle portion of the breads( excluding the sides).  Make small balls with all the above mentioned ingredients. Deep fry in a pan & serve hot with sauce & Salad.

To garnish- Add a dash of lemon & rock salt to taste.Can be taken as a starter/snacks.

Indian Delicacy-Onion Rings ( Piyaj pakora)

Onion Rings/ Piyaji

Onion  Rings ( Piyaji )

Onion – 4 Big size, Flour- 3 tbs, Corn starch-3 tbsp, Salt to taste, Pepper- ½ spoon, Baking soda- 1 spoon, Cooking oil- 250 grams.Rock salt – to taste

Process- Cut  the onions in circle & separate all the rings to round shape. Mix the remaining ingredients with little water to prepare a batter. Dip fry onions into the batter &  deep fry in oil till golden brown.

To serve : Your ring shaped onion rings pakoras are ready have with sauce by sprinkling some rock salt.

Indian Delicacy- Soya Granules Biryani

Soya Granules -Biryani

Soya Granules – Biryani

Ingredients: Baasmati Rice ( long grain)1and ½ cup ( cooked )Ghee/ Butter- 4tbsp,Cinamon- 1inch, Cardamom- 3, Cloves -2-3,Shahi jeera- ½ tsp, Onion -3 ( chopped)Garlic- 1tsp ( chopped),Ginger – 1tsp ( chopped)Tomato- 1 chopped, Red chili powder -1 spoon ,Corriender leaves- 2 tbsp, Garam masala- ½ spoon, Soya granules – 1 cup, ½ cup green peas. Rose water- ½ spoon.Milk -1/2 cup, Saffron-a pinch. Cashew – 4-5 spoons ( roasted )

Process: Cook the basmati rice till tender Heat oil in a pan slowly add all the ingredients ( excluding rose water, milk& saffron) Once done place the  cooked  ingredients & mix well with rice.
In a separate bowl spread a layer of rice. Add rose water & saffron dissolved in warm milk to the same.Now add the remaining rice on the bowl & place it in fire for 10 mins & serve hot..

To serve : Garnish with Cashew & have it in lunch or dinner.

Indian Delicacy- Egg Milk Curry ( Dim Doodh curry)

Egg Milk curry/ Dim Doodh Curry

Egg Milk Curry /Dim Doodh Curry

Ingredients- 4 eggs ( Hard boiled)Milk 4 Cups. Corn flour – 2 tsp, Red chili flakes- 2 tsp, salt to taste, Onion -3 ( finely chopped)Sugar -1/2 tsp. Butter- 2 cubes( spoon)

Process: Deshell the boiled eggs & put butter in a pan. Heat the butter in a pan   & fry the eggs till light brown, Add the onions, Red chili flakes, salt, sugar & cook well. Add the milk  & cornflour  & let it boil.Remove from fire once done.

 To serve : Serve hot with Bread/Roti/ Steamed rice.

Indian Delicacy- Soya & Semolina – Upma

Soya Semolina Upma

Soya & Semolina – Upma

Ingredients- Soya granules- 1 Cup ( boiled), Semolina- ½  cup. Onion- 1 ( finely chopped )Curry leaves- 8-9, Red Chili- 2 -3, Mustard seeds- 1 tsp, Asafoetida ( Hing)-1 pinch, Lemon juice- 1 tsp. Salt to taste, Peanuts- ½ cup ( roasted )Tomato -1 (chopped). Turmeric Powder ( Haldi)- ½ tsp. Cooking oil- 5-6 spoon.

Process: Heat oil in a pan. Add Onion,Red Chili. Mustard seeds,Curry leaves.Add Soya granules & Semolina & cook well. Add 2 Cups of hot water , Asafoetida, Turmeric, roasted peanuts & stir for sometime till the water gets absorbed.

To serve : Garnish with tomatoes . ..a perfect healthy snack for anytime.

Indian Delicacy -Hot & Sour Potato curry

Hot & Sour Potato curry 

Hot and Sour Potato curry

Ingredients: Potato- 250 grams ( small round boiled & skin removed ) , Onion -200 grams, Green Pas- 200 grams ( lightly boiled)Tomato – 2( finely cut) Turmeric powder- 1tsp, Ginger paste- 2 tsp, Garlic patse- 1tsp, Red chili paste- 2 tsp, Cumin seed paste – ½ tsp,Corriender seed paste- 1 tsp  Salt – 2 tsp, Sugar – 1tsp, Tamarind  pulp ( 3tsp) White oil- 200 gms, Chaat masala- 1tsp.

Process:  Heat oil in a pan,Add onion slices, ginger garlic paste, cumin paste, corriender paste& fry well,
Add boiled potatoes , onions  &all the above mentioned spices & cook in low gire for 5-6 mins. Add green peas, tamarind pulp & fold it for 3-4 mins. Sprinkle chaat masala on it.

Serve the dry  masala potato on a serving bowl & garnish it with tomatoes. Can have with bread, Roti, Paratha.   

Indian Delicacy- Mango Paratha with Chili Pickle

Mango Paratha with Chili Pickle

Mango Paratha/Bread  with Chili Pickle

Ingredients: Flour  -2 Cups, Mango pulp- 1 cup (raw mango  roasted & de seeded)Salt to taste, Jeera powder (roasted)-1tbsp, Red chili flakes- 1 tbsp, Sugar -1/2 spoon,Salt – 1spoon/to taste, Sweet mango pickle- 2 spoon,  White oil – for frying
Process- Prepare a dough with flour, salt & water.    Take the mango pulp & add the above mentioned ingredients & mix well.   Prepare 8 balls with the dough & stuff the mango pulp in the middle of the balls.Sprinkle some flour & give the shape of paratha,( circular/ triangle)
Fry/ roast the paratha in a pan & serve with Chili Pickle:

Chili Pickle- Green chili-500 grams , Salt -1/4 cup ( to taste) , Red chili- 10,Tamarind pulp-1/2 cup, Vinegar – 1 cup.Garlic- 200 grams Onion – 1 pcs,  Sugar -1 cup. Roasted Methi ( Dried Fenugreek powder)– 1tbsp, Seasame oil/ Olive oil- 1 cup
Process: Put  500 gram green chili ,red chili, garlic, onion, vinegar in a a blender, Once  done heat  oil in a pan & add the above mentioned ingredients & stir for sometime till it dries. Add the remaining ingredients  ( tamarind pulp & sugar) & sprinkle the dried fenugreek powder.

To serve : You can have green salad & a sweet dish with the same.

Indian Delicacy-Paneer Kheer Sandesh ( Cottage cheese sweetmaet)

Paneer Kheer Sandesh/ Cottage Cheese Sweetmeat

 Paneer Kheer Sandesh/Cottage Cheese Sweetmeat

Ingredients:Paneer - 500 grams,Grated coconut -500 grams( dry roasted in pan  till light brown for 2-3 mins)Condensed milk/ Dry Kheer, Sugar to taste, Cashew (Kaju) & Almonds - 50 grams ( finely roasted & grated), Rose / Vanilla essence- 4-5 drops.

Process : Mix Paneer, coconut together & saute in a frying pan, Gradually add the condensed milk for stir for 5 mins. Take out from heat  & add the essence & let it cool for sometime.  You may place the sweetmeat in a mold of your choice to five a shape & garnish the same with roasted almonds & cashew nuts.

To serve :Any time , anywhere.....

Indian Delicacy Low calorie- Hung curd /cottage cheese Pakora ( Paneer Bara)

Hung Curd ,Cottage cheese/Paneer Pakora

Hung curd /cottage cheese/  Paneer Pakora

Ingredients:Hung curd- 125 grams ( after draining out the excess water) Cottag cheese/ Paneer - 125 gms,
Cornflour- 2tbsp, ginger- 1inch ( finely chopped) Salt - 1 tsp to taste, Sugar  - 2 tsp, Roasted   & grounded (White cumin seed- 2 tsp, Corriender seed - 1 tsp, Green cardamon - 3 , Cinamon- 1 inch, Red chili flakes- 1 tsp)
Batter : 6 tbsp of Basan ( gram chana flour),salt, approx  1/2 cup water.
Process: Knead the paneer, curd in a dough. Add salt, sugar, green chili, roasted & grounded spices, mix well & make 8 balls.

Heat oil in a pan, & fry the paneer balls in a non stick pan.

To serve : With green salad & sauce.

India Delicacy Low calorie - Tasty Radish Stir Fry

Tasty Radish Stir fry

Tasty Radish Stir Fry

Ingredients: Raddish ( pink or white ,medium size) -4, Mustard seeds, 1 tsp, Green chili- 4, Salt- 1 tsp ( to taste ) Sugar -1/2 tsp Oil- 2tsp.

Method- Grate raddish & boil the same till tender & dry 7 keep aside.  . Heat oil in a pan. add mustard seeds, green chili slice, fry the same for a  little while ,add the dry fried raddish & sugar till it melts.

Garnish with fresh tomatoes. Lemon  & some rock salt for a spicy taste .

Raddish purifies blood & is considered to be very good for eyes. ...can be taken anytime with Steamed rice/ Roti/ Bread..

Indian Delicacy - Egg Potato Punch ( Anda Alu chatpata)

Egg Potato Punch/ Anda Alu Chatpata  

Egg Potato Punch/  Anda Alu Chatpata

Ingredients: Potato- 500 gms ( big size , boiled , de-skinned, each horizontally cut into 6 pcs )4- Eggs, Green chili- 4 ( finely chopped)Cumin seed – 1 tsp, Chili powder- ½ tsp, salt to taste, Onion – 2 (each  cut into 6 pcs)Oil- 200 gms ,for frying , Chat masala- 1 tsp, Green corriender leaves- 1 tsp.

Process : Heat oil in a pan, Sprinkle cumin seeds , green chili & fry lightly. Add potatoes & fry till light brown. Break the eggs one by one & add the same to the fried potatoes. Stir for 5 mins.

Serving : Place  the fried  potate & egg  in a serving bowl & add chat masala from the top. You can have it with fresh cut tomatoes & lemon .

Can be teamed up with hard toast anytime .

Indian Delicacy Low calorie - Baked Bhetki

Baked Bhetki 

 Baked Bhetki 

Ingredients: Bhetki Fish ( cut into 2’inch) -300 gms, Onion -3 ( cut in thin round shape)Red Tomatoes-4( Thinly sliced in round shape) Green chili- 4 ,Flour- 2 tbsp, Black pepper powder-1 tbsp, Sugar – 1and ½ tsp, Salt- 1 tsp/ to taste, Vinegar- 2 tbsp, white oil- 1 tbsp( for cooking).

Process: Mix all the spices as mentioned above & sprinkle it on the fishes & keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan & once done place the finely cut onions to cover the base of the pan . Similarly the next layer should be og finely sliced tomatoes. Now place the fish with spices & sprinkle some vingar over the same. Cover the fishes with a late of remaining tomatoes & onion & cook till tender.( Microwave may be used for 10 mins  with cover as an alternate cooking mode)

To serve with :Bread /steamed rice.

Indian Delicacy- Minced Mutton/ Chicken with Green Gram ( Keema dal )

Chicken/ Mutton Keema Dal /Minced meat with Green gram curry 
Minced Mutton Green Gram /Moong Dal Curry (Keema dal ) 
Ingredients: Minced Mutton-300 gms, Moong dal( Green Gram ) -200gms ( yellow) Roasted light brown, Onion -3 ( medium size)Green chili- 4, Turmeric- 1 tsp, Coriender paste- 2tsp, Red chili paste- 2 Tbsp, Cumin (Jeera) paste- 2 tbsp, Ginger garlic paste- 4 tbsp, Green cardamon- 6, Cloves-6, Bay leaves - 4

Process : Heat oil in a pan, Add cinamon, green cardamon, clove  , bay leaves & fry till light brown ,Add all the above mentioned paste & fry well.Once done add minced meat & fry for 10 mins in low heat, Add moong dal & fry for 6 mins in low heat.Add 2 cups of water & cook till tender/ pressure cook for 5 mins.    

Garnishing-Pour the cooked minced meat in a serving bowl &  garnish with fresh tomato slices, green chili,lemon slices. You can sprinkle some chat masala to get a spicy taste.

To serve with : Streamed rice/ Roti/ Paratha,
 Additions : A glass off Lassi will make this dish more delicious.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Low Calorie Indian Delicacy- Green Peas Pan cake & Dahi Raita

GreenPeas Pancake 

Green Peas Pan Cake 

Ingredients- 2 Eggs, Flour- 6 tbs, Salt to taste, White oil/ Butter -1 spoon, Milk -1/4 cup, Boiled Green peas-25 grams, Small onion- 1 ( diced) Cheese cube - 2 ( grated),Green chili- 2 ( diced) Spicy- Sauce

Preparation ( Filling) - Heat butter/ oil in a pan & add  boiled Green peas, Small onion ( diced) - 2 ,Green chili- 2 ( diced)  , cook in low flame for sometime & keep aside.

Preparation ( Pan cake) -  Break 2 Eggs, Flour- 6 tbs, Salt , Milk -1/4 cup & make a paste. Heat oil in a clean pan & pour the batter to prepare the round shaped base & fry till golden brown. Now fry the other side of pancake & spread the "Fillings" in the middle. Sprinkle some sauce & add grated cheese. Fold the round pan cake to 1/2 circle.   ( Prepares 2 pancakes) 


Low Calorie Indian Delicacy -Brinjal Mutton /Chicken Minced/Keema Stuffed

Brinjal Minced meat Stuffed

  Brinjal Mutton/Chicken minced/ Keema   Stuffed

Ingredients:Muttom/ Chickem Keema ( boiled) - 200 Gms, Brinjal- 1 ( big ) Onion - 2, Tomato-2, Garlic - 5 Pods (paste),
Ginger paste - 1 tea spoon, Garam masala- 1 spoon, Spring onion - 5, Cooking oil- 5 table spoon, Red Chili powder- 2 tbsp, Salt- To taste  , Sugar - 1/2 spoon or to taste.

Process ( Filling ) : Cut the brinjals horizontally keeping the skin. Scoop out the middle portion of brinjal,keeping atleast half inch depth from the skin.  Pour oil in pan,Add the scooped out brinjal & fry well till done. Add diced onion, ginger paste, garlic paste & then the keema . Stir fry & gradually add diced tomatoes,salt, sugar  to the same.    Once done keep the 'filling" in the scooped area of bringal.

Place the brinjal with keema stuffing & grill in micro wave for - 2-3 mins/ you may fry the edges in non - stick pan also with little oil.  Garnish with garam masala & spring onion & serve hot.

Tips: To have it with Roti/ Paratha / Raita.

Indian Delicacy -Egg Brinjal Stir fry/ Bharta

Egg - Brinjal Stir Fry / Bharta

  Egg Brinjal- Stir fry

Ingredients: Brinjal- 2, Egg- 4, Onion -3 ( diced) Ginger paste- 1 tsp, Tomato -2 ( diced) Salt & Sugar - to taste, Cooking Oil- 6 tbsp, Redchili powder- 2 tea spoon, Garam masala- 1/2 tea spoon.Lemon juice - 2 spoon.

Process : Dice the brinjal into small pcs. ( You may grill the same for 2 -3 mins in microwave/ boil the same in water ) Take out the brinjal carefully & mash the same. Pour oil in pan add garam masala & dices onion, Diced Tomatoes, ginger paste, salt & sugar. Add the boiled brinjal to the paste. Now break 4 eggs & mix well till cooked. Add green chili & some lemon juice.

Tips :Serve with roti/ Paratha.

Indian Delicacy- Spicy Boiled Egg

Spicy Boiled Egg
   Spicy Boiled Egg 

Ingredients: 3 Boiled Eggs ( deshelled) 3-4 spoon mustard sauce, 2- green chili- ( finely grated)Onion- 1 ( finely diced) Red chili powder- 2 pinches, Corriender leaves- 2-3 spoon ( finely grated) Salt – to taste.Lemon juice to taste,3-4 tsp- cheese spread.

Process : Cut the boiled eggs into small pcs & add all the above mentioned ingredients.

Tips:  Can have with steamed rice/ Paratha/ Bread . Garnish with cucumber.

Indian Delicacy- Egg Chatpata ( Dim er Jaldi curry )

Egg Chatpata / Dim er  Jaldi curry


   Egg Chatpata/Dim Er jaldi curry 

Ingredients :       Eggs- 3 ( hard boiled), Tamarind paste ( 60 grams) White pepper powder- 5grams, Light soya  Sauce-2 ml, Sugar candy – 15 grams,  Big Onion-   1 Finely chopped & fried till golden brown,  Salt- to taste, Green Chili- 3 finely chopped. Cooking oil- 2 tsp. Freshly grated coconut  4-5 spoon ( for garnishing)

Process : De- shell the hard boiled eggs  & fry till golden brown. Cut the eggs vertically & keep aside.
Curry : Put the tamarind paste in a pan & add the sugar candy, pepper powder & soya sauce. Once the curry is done add the green chili & salt.   Now keep the boiled eggs in a serving dish & pour the sauce from the top.  Garnish with fried onion & freshly grated coconut from the top.

Tips: Try it out anytime with Paratha of any type.

Indian Delicacy-Cauliflower( Gobi) Paratha with Date & Tamarind Chutney(pickle)

Cauliflower ( Gobi)Paratha 

Cauliflower( Gobi) Paratha with Tamarind & Dates( Khajur) Chutney

Ingredients: Cauliflower-1 ( big size) finely grated ,1-Potato ( boiled) Jeera- 1and 1/2 tsp, Asafotida( Hing ) - To taste,Ginger garlic (finely chopped) - 1 spoon each, Green chili-4 , Red chili-2 , Salt - 1 and 1/2 tsp/ to taste, Sugar - 2 tsp, Lemon juice - 2 tsp.Cooking oil ( white oil ) - 1/4 ltr.

Dough preparation -300 gram white flour, 200 grams wheat flour, Salt - 1tsp/to taste,Cooking oil- 1 tsp, water as required. Kneed all the ingredients to prepare a semi , tight dough. Make 10 balls from the dough.

Filling preparation- Pour cooking oil into pan Add jeera, hing , ginger  gatlic, chili & fry well. Add grated cauliflowers & saute till soft, Add boiled potatoes & fry more. Add lemon juice ,sugar & make it dry. Cool it. Divide into 10 parts & make small balls..

Process : Put the filling balls in the dough & roll it. Make a triangle shaped chapati, Fry it with little oil/ roast it in a non - stick pan  for a healthy delicious paratha.

Tamarind & Date Chutney-Deseeded date (sliced) 100 grm, Tamarind pulp- 200 gms, Red chilli - 1 Spoon ( grated) Salt -1 tsp/to taste, Sugar -200 gms.
Process : Mix all the ingredients in water & boil till thickens.

Tips: To serve with Cucumber, Onion slices, Boiled potato, Lemon jiuce, salt to taste green chili.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Low Calorie- Lemon Ginger Cool Drink ( Nimbu Adrak Sharbat)

Lemon Ginger Cool Drink/ Nimbu Adrak Sharbat

Lemon Ginger Cool Drink/Nimbu Adrak Sharbat

Ingredients: 3 - lemons ( big size) Sugar candy -250 grams, Ginger juice - 2tbsp, Rock salt - to taste.
Crushed Ice - 2 Cups.

Process: Boil 2 cups of water & add sugar candy to it. Once the candy melts bring down the same to room temperature. Add lemon juice, ginger juice & salt to taste.   Serve with crushed Ice.

Tips : May add honey if you have a sweet tooth.

Helps to control dehydration during summer.

Low Calorie- Ginger Tomato Cool Drink ( Ada (adrak) Sharbat)

Ginger Tomato Cool drink / Adrak Sharbat

  GingerTomato Cool Drink ( Ada/Adrak Sharbat)

Ingredients: 1 inch ginger finely diced, 1 Tomato, Rock salt & Sugar to taste, 1- tsp- lemon juice.Ice cubes - 2 cups ( crushed). Garnishing : Roasted 1/2 spoon cumin seeds & 1/2 spoon red chili powder.

Process : Boil the diced ginger in water for 15 mins.Press the gingers to extract the juice & pass the water through a seive .Put the tomato in a mixie to make a paste & extract the juice of the same by using a seive.
Mix the tomato & ginger juice .Add lemon juice, salt & sugar to taste, Add crushed ice & serve chilled.

Garnish with roasted 1/2 spoon cumin seeds & 1/2 spoon red chili powder

Serves : 2 head....Good for health indeed ...Anytime.

Low Calorie - Cool Drink Raw Mango Drink ( Aam Panna)

Aam Pora (panna)  Sharbat/ Raw Mango drink

   Aam Pora(Panna) Sharbat/ Raw Mango Cool Drink

 Ingredients : 500 Gms ( Raw Mango )2-3 Spoon  Gulab essence ( Rose essence),Rock salt - 1 spoon (Kala namak) Sugar- 2 Spoon, Smashed Ice cubes - 2 cups,

Process- Roast the raw mangoes in grill / fire for 5-7 mins. Pull out the skin & seed & mix the roasted mango with  2-3 Spoon  Gulab essence ( Rose essence),Rock salt - 1 spoon (Kala namak) Sugar- 2 Spoon.  Pour the mixture in glass & serve with smashed ice cubes.

( Serves : 2 )

Tip : A super cool Drink to beat the heat. Can be served with pakoras.

Low Calorie Indian Delicacy-Curd Sandwich /Doi Sandwich

Curd Sandwich

    Curd Sandwich 

 Ingredients :Brown bread /White Bread - 6 pcs, Hung curd- 100. Pepper powder - 1/2 spoon, 1 onion - (finely grated) Corriender leaves -2 spoons ( finely grated) 1  - Tomato ( finely chopped)  salt to taste.Little water.

Proces- Cut the sides of the breads. Mix all the ingredients as mentioned above. Place a small quantity of mixture on the loaf & cover the same with another loaf. . Press the sides of the bread with some water & fry ( for pakora )grill ,roast the same on a pan or sandwich maker for sandwich.

Tips: To have with sauce/ chutney/ french fries.

Low Calorie Indian Delicacy- Chicken Kebabs

Chicken Kebabs

  Chicken Kebabs

Ingredients: Chicken/ Mutton (250 grams- boneless, cut into bite size )hung curd-100 grams, 1- Onion (paste),
Ginger paste-1 teaspoon, Garlic paste- 1 teaspoon, Chili paste- 1-2 tea spoon, Lemon juice - 3 teaspoon,
1-Capsicum, ( dices as cubes)Onion -1 ( dices as cubes) Tomatoes- 1 (diced as cubes)cornflour 2 tbs ( mixed with water) , 4 spoon - white oil,

For Garnishing:  Chaat masala- 2 spoon, corriender leaves- 2 spoon ( diced )

Process: Mix all the ingredients excluding 1-Capsicum, ( dices as cubes)Onion -1 ( dices as cubes) Tomato -1 (diced as cubes) cornflour, & marinate for - 3-4 hrs,
Pour oil in a pan & fry the marinated chicken/ mutton & fry till the meat is cooked dry.( Water may be sprinkled is required). Once done sprinkle some cornflour on the same  & mix well. Arrange the cooked meat by piercing the same into a 'seekh ' (a metal rod with 2-4 inches diameter)  followed by, capsicum, Onion, Tomatoes & roast the same on grill / oven / fire. Once done take out the same carefully & rearrange the same on wooden sticks. Sprinkle some Chaat masala & corriender leaves & server hot.

Tips: Goes best as a starter along with green salad and some cool drinks.

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