Sunday, 30 September 2012

Low Calorie Indian Delicacy- Alu Dahi Bara/ Potato Yogurt Delight

Alu Dahi Bara/Potato Yogurt Delight

Alu Dahi Bara/Potato Yogurt Delight

Ingredients:  Small sized potatoes-350 grams, Hung curd – 3 cups , Jeera powder(roasted) 1 spoon,  Kaju & Raisins ( grated )– 2 spoons, Ginger( finely chopped) -2 spoons, Corriender leaves ( dices) – 1 spoon, red chili powder-1/4 spoon, ½ spoon sugar, Tamarind sauce & rock salt ( kala namak ) to taste .

: Boil potatoes, mash & mix with2 cups of hung curd, salt & sugar. Prepare small cup sized outer coating & fill the potato cups  with grated Kaju & Raisins. Once done arrange the same on a serving bowl . Sprinkle rock salt, red chili powder over the same.  Por the remaining curd ( 1 cup ) over the potato balls. Garnish with corriender  leaves & tamarind paste.

To serve: An ideal snack...

Indian Delicacy-Coconut Pakora ( Narkel er Bara)

Narkel Bada/Coconut Pakora

Narkoler Bada ( Coconut  Pakora)

Ingredients: Grated coconut -2 cups , Uncooked rice grains soaked in water for half an hour -1/2 cup& then grated , Sugar – 1 spoon , Saunf/ Mouri( Fennel Seed) grated- ½ spoon , chili- 2-3 , salt to taste, oil for frying  , Posto(poppy)  seeds- 2-3 spoon ( roasted )

Process: Mix all the ingredients as mentioned above so that small balls can be made . 
Fry the balls  in oil & serve hot with green chutney/ sauce.

Tips : Ideal to try out during rainy season.

Indian Delicacy -Masala Pomfret ( Indian style)

Masala Pomfret(yellow curry)

Masala Pomfret /Pomfret Yellow curry 

Ingredients: Pomfret Fish -250 gms, Diced Onion - 50 grams, Green chili- 4-5 pcs, Corrinder leaves grated- 4-5 spoons, Ginger and Garlic paste - 25 grams, Mustard Oil- 130 grams, Red chili paste- 1/2 spoon, salt to taste, Geera paste- 10 grams,Kala jeera- 5 grams, Haldi /(Turmeric)Powder- 10 grams , Diced Tomatoes- 25 grams.Lemon juice- 5 spoons, Water 1/2 cup.

Process : Marinate the Fish with lemon juice for 2 hours. Add haldi powder, red chili paste & salt. Fry the fish in mustard oil. Add Kala jeera , diced onion, ginger garlic paste & green chili ,keep frying till fish is done Add some water.Add Diced tomatoes & serve hot with corrinder leaves after garnishing.

Tips : To try with steamed rice/ Chapati/ Parathas.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Low Calorie Indian Delicacy -Mixed Fruit Lassi/Yogurt Delight

Mixed Fruit Yogurt/Lassi Delight

Mixed Fruit Low calorie Yogurt /Lassi Delight(  Fruit Ghol ) 

Ingredients: 1 Pear ( naspati) 1- Apple , 2- tbsl Apricot Jam, 2 Spoon -Pista/ Almonds ( for decoration ) Sugar( optional ) 2 tbs - Honey ,2 cups-  Fat free Yogurt/ Curd, Pudina leaves- 4-6 pcs.Few Ice cubes.

Process : Mix all the above mentioned items in a blender & serve.Garnish with 2 pudina leaves on top

Tip : To Serve with snacks / anytime to beat the heat.
Home made low calorie easy cool drink lassi  to beat summer ...anytime.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Low Calorie Indian Delicacy- Pudina Alu dum/Mint Potato Curry

Pudina Alu Dum/Mint Potato curry

  Pudina Alu Dum ( Mint Potato Curry)

Ingredients :
Small Potato -500 gms ( small size), 4 tbs oil, 1tsp ginger & garlic paste, 1/4 tsp haldi powder, 1/4 tsp- red chili powder, , 1/2 tsp spoon dhania powder, 1/2 tsp garam masala, 1/2 spoon -amchoor powder, 2tbsp lemon juice, salt to taste,2 spoon - mint paste, 2 spoon green chili paste,2 -tomatoes for garnishing.
Process :
Boil potato, fry in oil, add all ingredients ( excluding mint , green chili & tomatoes).

Once fried mix mint & green chili paste to 1/2 cup water to the curry , Once the curry boils , garnish with fresh cut tomatoes.

To serve with : Paratha/ Roti  can also be served as snacks.
Perfect dish for everyone.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Low Calorie Indian Delicacy - Egg sesame curry ( Dim er Tillotoma )

Egg Sesame curry/ Dim et Tilottama

   Egg sesame curry ( Dim er Tillotoma )

Ingredients: 4 eggs boiled , 1/2 cup white roasted sesame paste ( white teel ), 1 onion,jeera- 1tbsp ,  1 pinch turmeric, salt, 4 tbs oil.    For garnishing : 1 spoon roasted sesame & some corriender leaves ( optional)

Paste:1 egg, 2 green chili finely chopped, flour- 3 tbsp ,lemon juice - 2 spoon

Gravy: Fry Chopped onion in a pan , add jeera , add roasted sesame paste, turmeric & salt.

Cut the boiled eggs horizontally . Cover the cut edge with the Paste. Fry in oil. Add the Gravy 
to the same . Sprinkle some roasted white sesame & corriender leaves for garnishing.

To serve with steamed rice/ Roti/ Paratha.
An awesome  blend of egg and sesame .

Low Calorie Bengali Delicacy- Doi Mangsho/Mutton

 Mutton Dahi ( Doi Mangsho)- low calorie


 Mutton - 1 Kg  Curd- 500 Grams Garlic paste -100 gms Onion paste -100 gms Ginger paste- 50 gms
Dry Red chill -5 pcs, Shah Marich- 2 tbs, Keora water- 1 drop , tej pata ( bay leaf) - 2 , Dar chini (cinamon) 2 sticks, 4 tbs white oil  , salt to taste


Wash  & clean mutton thoroughly add salt & shah marich, Mix curd with ginger paste , Mix it with mutton & keep the same under refrigeration for  half & hour. Heat oil in a pan, add bay leaves,( tej pata )chillies, onion & garlic paste. Fry well till water comes out. Cover it till the meat becomes tender & add Keora water before serving.

Try the same with plain rice / chapati.May be tried with chicken ,fish also.
Light and  tasty mutton.....a delight to experience.
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